Wednesday, March 30, 2011

User Profiles and Virtualism

We are in deep annoyance with Roaming Profiles. So we looked for alternatives and came up with RES Workspace Composer. A very capable product, with a nice user interface. But it requires a server backend, and here the complexity was simply too much for our small environment. Sigh.

Along the way I have stumbled into AppSense which looks good but also requires a server backend, and LiquidWare's profile unity - apparently some polish on an OpenSource tool called ScriptStart Community. These tools store the profile information in the file system.
The older tool is not upwards compatible beyond W2K3 and XP. I found out about it from a blog entry on using Roaming Profiles with a Samba server: Windows User Profiles with a Samba Server

Another odd issue is how profiles tend to grow in size. Helge at Sepago has written some very helpful articles on this, liked here: User Profile Design

Interesting stuff!

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