Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Old cell phones make a nice webcam

Need a webcam in my computer room. Old smart phone and free IP Webcam software. Poof!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Standing Desk in use

Standing Desk, Read Only Friday

Thought I would try out a standing desk, with a treadmill. For me standing in one place is no better than sitting all day! Here is the result.

First I had to find a cheap treadmill. Craig's list didn't work out so I opted for the Confidence Plus treadmill (about $200 online with free shipping).

Preparing the treadmill involved removing the arms from the Confidence Plus treadmill (about $200 online with free shipping). See details here...

The second challenge is that Standing Desks are expensive. Ikea is out of stock on the Bekant standing desk which is around $500. Others ramp up in price quickly.

For a quick experiment, this plastic shelving from Home Depot does the trick.
To get the right height, just cut down the plastic spacers. We're using four of the five shelves, and the treadmill is resting on the lowest shelf. (The feet are not used.)

Works ok for a test. Next thing is to stabilize the shelving a bit more.