Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tivo Disk and Tableau Imager

Drop Box

As part of this week's SANS 408 course, I have been looking for a hard drive to grab an image from. The several drives I brought to the class were clean.

Looking for an old hard drive to try mounting on my Write Blocker to grab an image...
Let's try the old Tivo! Cool, it mounts, but of course windows does recognize its Linux goodnesss...
But, even so FTK Imager can grab an image from the disk.

That's an improvement over the others so far. So an exercise for exploration, really.

My old Seagate (486 era) drive causes an error in FTK imager (byte offset).
The Tivo is unrecognized.

Perhaps the higher end commercial tools recognize these different types of drive formats?
But if not there is quite an opportunity to make software that can handle all these weird old formats.
(Non-IDE drives, what do you do with those?)

What about archival applications?