Friday, August 9, 2013

Read Only Friday - What's next?

For System Administrators and IT geeks - "Read Only Friday" is a great time to take care of cleaning the office, organizing and making minor changes to things that do not affect anything meaningful. Last post I wrote about cleaning up your email box as one example. Of course you have to take help desk calls, and put out fires. But keep the fingers away from anything dangerous lest you spend the weekend in a box!

Some interesting ideas for your Read Only Friday...

  1. When is "Friday" Thursday?
    1. Don't break an RSS Feed on Thursday, Don't apply patches willy nilly Thursday night (or run Windows update on a Friday)
  2. Do internet "research" - and I don't mean FaceBook - look into those product upgrades that you don't have time for the rest of the week. If you don't have money look into open source software that could solve a problem in your office. (Example - PDFCreator)
  3. Review the log files, you know, in your policy it says you review the security logs for this firewall and the backup logs from that server... Give it a once over and find out what you're missing that might bite you later.
  4. Submit your PCI SAQ (or insert other compliance document). Oh yeah, that's what I should be doing right now!
  5. Write up documentation, and make WINK videos training users on basic stuff.
  6. Wipe out old PC hard drives. You choose: DBAN or Sledgehammer!!!
  7. Set up old PC's to donate to a charity or staff.
  8. Catch up on back help desk entries...
  9. Do something for your partner (work, home, business - whatever!)
  10. Check the Tech News - this Friday: Obama Reportedly Holding Press Conference On Security Transparency Today At 3PM ET

Thanks to the Spiceworks watercooler for some ideas...

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