Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Numbered Policy Docs and MS Word

In the BLAME THE TOOL category, stands Microsoft Word 2007.

Now, I got over the sticker shock, and I got everyone trained up on Office.
Were' getting along with the annoying Ribbon interface. But Word's numbering, styles and numbered lists are the most pain I have willingly subjected myself to in a long time. (That's saying something since I just shoveled out from a blizzard.)

I've spent a few days writing policies now, computer security stuff. But I have spent more time trying to get Word to do anything useful. And this is the end. I need another tool. Html alone will do an easier job for this.

The emperor has no clothes. Maybe the answer is to write this stuff with GoogleDocs.

I just can't believe Word 2007 is so totally lame after so long. The numbering interface is just awful. Touch one thing and everything else in the doc is screwed up. EEEEEEEVVILLLL,

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