Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CITRIX Customer Service? What's that?

Amazing to me that the largest growing trend in Customer service today is having the agent hang up on you and close the case.

Citrix support is awful. I understand why they steer you to a reseller.
They've renamed the products such that no-one understands what they do.
And then, the (admittedly very nice sounding) customer service person just hangs up on me.

I'd believe this was random telephone line issue.  But I logged a case last week and they have never contacted me to resolve it at all.  This time the agent closed the case after he hung up on me (I checked online).

This just rankles.  Idiots.
The product works.  But the support contract is worthless.

I won't be recommending Citrix anytime soon.  Sassin frassin robots!

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