Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't delay the DTV Conversion

It seems odd to me that some are saying members of the public are not aware of the upcoming DTV conversion. If you watch TV in the US, you have been inundated with messages about upgrading your television to receive the new digital signals for months now.

A coupon program has been running for months to provide discounts on equipment needed to receive the new signals. Some members of congress argue that we should delay the February deadline because the coupon program ran out of funds. We all knew it would run out of funds eventually. So why is it that congress doesn't just increase the funds available for coupons? That makes more sense than delaying a transition that has been well communicated already, and creating confusion in the process.

Come on people, get back to work on something more meaningful than this red herring!


Update: the delay turned out to be a good thing. Massachusetts really had minor troubles wiht the transition, but apparently there were many areas of the country which benefitted from the delay and the additional coupons made available.

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