Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Microsoft Way - All Hail Vista!

Sound of trumpets...
But wait? The king is wearing no clothes?

I presented a technology vision for our modest non-profit to the Powers that Be (PTB)

The PTB were unimpressed.

I am unimpressed myself, with the Microsoft environment.
(They were just unimpressed with me, I think :-)

Vista doesn't go where I need it to go. There is a lot of smoke around manageability,but we're still talking about a system that is at its core not centrally managed. There's an Active Directory, and its a good thing its "Active" because it has to scurry around and customize a bazillion mystery settings on each desktop to make them all play nice.

The whole thing strikes me as a reactively designed house of cards.
Mega-Customer X "I want to turn menus blue on Tuesday"
Microsoft "Set the registry value adsfasdfasfdsf to 1"

The recent DST update showed exactly how kludgey the whole thing is.
Good news: Yes there is a centrally administered update for Exchange.
Bad news: How does it work? It generates a batch file that is run on a client, impersonating each user and correcting their calendar items. Total kludge. And slow as heck. Single threaded (eeeeeeeeeeeeewww!) Microsoft addressed that by releasing a Virtual machine, so you can run the kludgey batch file on more "virtual processors"

Just STOP people!

So... Where does my meandering rant go?
The new version of MS Office has a "server" vision. Yes it is no longer good enough to put files in the file system, files now need a Sharepoint server.... And perhaps we'll get there, too, but it won't happen because anyone I am trying to sell it to will "get" the vision.

More glazed eyes than an iguana convention...

Ah, well, back to looking at "open source" for document management :-)

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